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About Us

After visiting several villages across the country, it has been acknowledged that the status on elementary education is far from satisfactory level. There is a lack of educational facilities and rural children are unable to afford schooling in urban areas due to very high fees. About 80 million children in rural areas are unable to receive elementary school education after 70 years of independence. The 93rd amendment to the constitution making universal elementary / primary education a fundamental right on 1st April 2010 and with education for all as a millennium development goal for education provide the backdrop for concerted efforts by central and state governments to achieve the education for all. It is time now for an extraordinary education mission. The achievement of this goal would require whole hearted efforts by all, since the government alone would not be able to manage delivery of such a massive education programme.


To Make Anjal Vidhyalaya as a model for imparting quality elementary / primary education by following the Principles of Good School Management Practices and to Facilitate its Replication in other villages in India and neighbouring countries.


To Open Rural School in order to provide quality elementary / primary education to deprived children specially the girl child in an affordable manner at the doorstep and to develop moral & basic social values in them.

Key Objectives

- To open rural school in order to develop moral values & basic social skills among rural children who are deprived of receiving quality primary education.
- Make education available in an affordable manner at their doorstep.
- Create child friendly environment in order to ensure all round development.
- Priority in admission to girl child.
- Make this school as a model of good rural education by following good school management practices in order to facilitate its replication in other villages.


We provide Learning 1st Standard to 10th Standard.

psquare visoin academy is an educational institute for the students of Gujarat State board.The base of the student in school is always crucial and important. It is said a child will study better with the help of our class.

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We provide Learning 11th Standard to 12th Standard English as well Gujarati Medium.

psquare visoin academy is an educational institute for the students of Gujarat State board and English Medium.This year is always crucial and important for carrier of student Life . .