Innovative Practices

1. Organizing students & teachers exchange programme by visiting other schools for knowledge sharing, upgrading curriculum and for proper orientation, etc.

2. Proposed to inculcate habit of learning & earning through farming, art & craft by organizing fun -fare, exhibitions, etc.

3. School Management Committee (SMC) has been constituted by involving students, teachers and parents to run school in a more professional manner.

4. Inviting prominent people to deliver talk on various topics in order to inculcate good moral values and to make them responsible citizen.

5. Parents are invited for the flag hoisting ceremony on 15th August and 26th January every year to get them acquaint on regular manner to know more about various other skill development activities carried out in the school other than academics.

6. Prepare & present daily News Report during the Assembly session in the morning by the students and teachers.

7. The school, apart from setting benchmarks in quality education and making learning fun, has also regularly taken up different initiatives to ensure the holistic development of kids, and promote the right values.

The above mentioned innovative practices would help in bringing out new waves of thought among students, teachers, parents and promoters for making it a world class school.