Good Practices & Procedure

1. There are 30 students in each class in order to enable teacher to pay personal attention on every student. Not only this, the home work is being done by the students during the extended school hours in their respective class rooms.

2. The school also serves snacks during the recess / break to develop in them the habit of eating together along with their class teacher. They should clean/wash their hands before going for a breakfast. The R.O. system and water cooler facilities have been installed in order to drink pure / clean water.

3. The parents can meet teachers on every Saturday’s to get acquainted about strengths / weaknesses possessed by their children and ways to overcome such shorting coming, etc. in order to make them good learner & responsible citizen.

4. Developed a system of identification of talent / proficiency in extra curricular activities such as skating, karate, yoga, jogging besides traditional sports & games. Other literary activities such as essay writing, debating, fine arts, dance and music would help them to adjust with new global ambience and to become out - of - box thinker. Best student and teacher awards are given every year to an all rounder student/teacher.

5. Developing social skills of working in a group and communicating with one another without any religion / caste, color barrier in order to grow / realize his/her full potential.

6. Student Principal is selected on 5th September i.e. on Teachers’ Day of each year in order to develop administrative and operational skills in carrying out day to day activities by him / her in the school.

7. Local preference is given to qualified people from the village for possible employment opportunities in the school.

8. Under the Right to Education Programme ( RTE ) of Govt. of India, the school has given 25% admission to SC/ST and backward communities students, who are falling under BPL categories.